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 Mid 1: Bilbringi

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Mid 1: Bilbringi Empty
PostSubject: Mid 1: Bilbringi   Mid 1: Bilbringi Icon_minitimeFri 02 Aug 2013, 17:05

The Bilbringi system was a star system in the Inner Rim on the Namadii Corridor. The system was the site of the important Bilbringi Shipyards and played a pivotal role in the Thrawn campaign. The Bilbringi system was choked with asteroids and other debris; it lay close to several military shipment lanes. The asteroids of the star system were rich in metals and other natural resources utilized in starship construction, making it a perfect location to place the shipyards. The largest asteroid in the system was Bilbringi VII.
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Mid 1: Bilbringi
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