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 Mid 2: Mandalore

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PostSubject: Mid 2: Mandalore   Mid 2: Mandalore Icon_minitimeFri 02 Aug 2013, 17:10

Mandalore was located in the region of the galaxy known as the Outer Rim Territories, near the Hydian Way trade route, where it occupied the fifth orbit of the Mandalore sector's cognominal Mandalore system, between the orbits of Kalevala and Mandallia. It sat at the end of the hyperspace lane known as the Mandalorian Road, an ancient route that connected Mandalore with the planet Corsin in the Inner Rim. A terrestrial world spanning nine thousand, two hundred kilometers in diameter, Mandalore possessed standard gravity and two moons, including the one time mining base and agricultural center, Concordia. Unique to Mandalore and the Concordia moon was beskar iron ore, a nearly indestructible metal capable of withstanding blows from even a lightsaber, and used by Mandalorian metalsmiths to forge armor, weapons, and starships. A year on Mandalore comprised three hundred and sixty-six Galactic Standard days, and each day was made up of nineteen standard hours. Mandalore possessed a breathable atmosphere, and a climate that varied by region.
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Mid 2: Mandalore
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