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 Mid 2: Concord Dawn

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Mid 2: Concord Dawn Empty
PostSubject: Mid 2: Concord Dawn   Mid 2: Concord Dawn Icon_minitimeFri 02 Aug 2013, 17:11

Concord Dawn was an Outer Rim world in the Mandalore sector,[1] located near the border between the Outer and Mid Rim.[8] Like the rest of its sector, it was frontier country, covered in jungles, forests, deserts and plains.[3] The planet was principally an agricultural world, backwards in development, and its plains were tilled by the planet's farmers to meager effect.[3][9] The region of Concord Dawn around the Fett family homestead and its nearby village was arid and dusty, though still capable of growing crops.[4]
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Mid 2: Concord Dawn
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